• Carlynton student brings box cutter to school; Some question why she wasn't expelled


    CARNEGIE, Pa. - Some parents are surprised that a Carlynton High School student who brought a box cutter to school wasn’t expelled.

    The 17-year-old student was suspended for 10 days for bringing the box cutter to school.  It’s the first student to be suspended instead of expelled since the district’s safe haven policy was put in place in June.

    “You have to look at the individual and mitigating factors with the student,” said Superintendent Gary Pfeiffer.

    Pfeiffer told Channel 11 the girl realized she had forgotten to take the box cutter out of her bag after work and told an administrator what she had done.

    The statute designated to protecting children who unintentionally bring a dangerous weapon to school says “self-reporting of the situation will be considered a mitigating factor in determining what discipline if any should result.”

    Some parents said the punishment wasn’t enough while others said it was too much.

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