Channel 11 Exclusive: Woman says police searched wrong house while looking for shooting suspect

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — A woman is sharing her story after police searched her home while looking for a suspect in a recent shooting on Sunday morning.

“You could hear over the radio they kept saying 1102, 1102 Deary Street, and I said you have the wrong address,” she said.

The woman was too afraid to show her face or use her name, but she shared her story with Channel 11 News.

She said on Sunday, police ransacked her house looking for Da’ronte Brown, a suspect wanted for shooting a teenage girl at the Monroeville Red Roof Inn because she refused to have sex with him.

Monroeville police told the homeowner they tracked Brown to 1102 Deary Street in Larimer using a cell phone ping. But she lives on a different street, and her house number is 1101.

“I’ve never seen this young man a day in my life, I am completely clueless,” she said.

Yet she said police destroyed her home and terrorized her family, including her five children; one is just 7 years old, and another has autism.

“My autistic daughter just shakes any noise, any noise now. Who is going to deal with my kid’s emotional distress they are getting put in counseling over this?” she asked.

In a video from immediately after police left, a broken door and furniture can be seen, along with windows shot out, and remnants of the gas grenades on the floor.

“Everything was destroyed everything, so I have to replace not only the windows and the doors as well as all of my kid’s furniture,” she said.

She has already paid to make some repairs, despite being told the department would cover the damage.

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