• Channel 11 gets action for couple dealing with mold in apartment


    PITTSBURGH - A couple dealing with a potential health hazard inside their apartment contacted Channel 11 News asking for help.

    The couple told Channel 11 News that mold has been discovered in their home time and time again.

    Alex Ikan said she pays about $800 per month in rent, and now she wants some of it back.

    “It’s supposed to be a place of relaxation, not stress. But that’s what it’s been for the past six months,” Ikan said. “It’s not healthy and not safe for our dogs or anyone.”

    Ikan showed Channel 11 News photos of black mold that maintenance workers found in the walls of her two-bedroom apartment.

    “This was a major issue for us because it was seeping into our tub,” Ikan said.

    Ikan said several hundred dollars’ worth of clothing was ruined when water from an unknown source started leaking in her bedroom.

    “Our health is still with us, but still, it’s not safe. Who’s to say that something isn’t going to arise from it later?” Ikan said.

    According to Ikan, she moved her boyfriend’s clothes into a spare bedroom and keeps fans blowing all day to keep her place ventilated. She fears there may be more mold and moisture inside the apartment.

    “We have no place to go and we have no place to take our stuff. They’ve done nothing,” Ikan said.

    After Channel 11 News left several messages for the building manager, Ikan said she got a call from the manager saying they’ll cover the cost of a hotel for her and her boyfriend. She was also told they would speed up the process of removing the mold.

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