DA says charges can now be filed for possession of Glock switches

MCCANDLESS, Pa. — It’s just a small piece of plastic or metal. Most people can’t even tell it’s attached to the gun from afar until the shooting starts.

“This is becoming a disturbing trend,” said DA Stephen Zappala.

Channel 11 was able to see firsthand the difference by shooting an unmodified Glock with county police firearm instructors. The number of shots fired at the same time was just a fraction.

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Since September, police across Allegheny County have pulled seven cases where Glock switches were used. One of those was the Kennywood shooting in September and the other was when Aaron Swan Jr was in a shootout with police in Homewood after shooting and killing Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire.

Now, these gun cases are being pushed up from the District Attorney’s Office to the US Attorney to crack down on this type of weaponry.

“All over this country there is direction from Washington DC to the US Attorney’s Offices that this is a priority we need to stop this before it becomes a problem,” Zappala said.

It may not look like much, but these tiny pieces of plastic or metal are what is attached to the guns to make them automatic.

Now you will be facing a hard time just having the Glock diversion even if it’s not attached to the gun.

“Simple possession of those items on that table can get you up to ten years. Depending on your background or criminal history it can get you 30 years if you are two or three times a felon you are looking at life,” Zappala said.

On top of those charges, the DA said they are looking at charges of conspiracy and believe these modification items are being moved in a certain market.

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