Allegheny County

Pittsburgh attorney arrested for dropping pants while walking through metal detector at court

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh attorney is defending himself after being arrested at near the magnetometers at an Allegheny County court facility.

Wednesday afternoon around 1 p.m., attorney Jeffrey Pollock, 59, arrived at the Family Division Complex for a hearing. Pollock attempted to go through the metal detectors, but he kept triggering the machine when walking through.

He explained to Channel 11 that his suspenders were the cause of the alert and that he could not take them off. Building guards continued to ask him to walk through until the alerts stopped.

“The woman at the magnetometer said take off your suspenders and I said, ‘Can you please wand me?’,” Pollock said.

After a heated discussion with the guards, Pollock says he unhooked his suspenders, dropped his drawers, took them off, and placed them in the bin to go through the metal detector.

At this point, Pollock was standing in the middle of the Family Division Rotunda wearing only his shirt and underwear. Sheriff’s deputies were notified of this unusual behavior and took Pollock into custody.

Pollock, who resides in Squirrel Hill, was released and charged with disorderly conduct for his gesture this afternoon. The sheriff’s office would like to forewarn anyone who attends the Family Court Division that visible underwear is not part of the dress code.

“What they did to me today was not appropriate and by embarrassing me and sending out a press release, I don’t know how that helps anything. If they want to do something they can change the way people are led into the courthouse,” Pollock said.

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