Dogs’ owner charged after dogs attacked, killed pet miniature horse in New Galilee

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — Neighbors in New Galilee are on edge after two dogs viciously attacked and killed a family’s pet miniature horse Willie in their fenced backyard Wednesday morning.

“I saw the dogs tear my horse apart,” said Willie’s owner Loree Keister.

>> Family’s beloved miniature horse dies after being attacked by 2 dogs

Keister said she doesn’t know how the dogs got inside their fenced yard along Madison Street. Willie was rushed to Rainbow Vet Hospital and then taken to a bigger facility in Ohio Thursday where he died from his injuries.

Neighbors are now worried for their kids and pets since the dogs are still around.

“It’s bad because there are kids all over the neighborhood. There are kids at the end of the street down that way. I mean if they attacked a horse, what’s going to keep them from attacking kids?” neighbor said Donna Motter.

The Darlington Township Police Chief Brian Speer said police charged the dogs’ owner Ronald Redfern for harboring a dangerous dog. But many neighbors are frustrated the owner is still allowed to keep the dogs.

“It’s a concern. Should we have pepper spray in our pocket while we are outside cutting the grass or something?” said neighbor David Bertko.

“They don’t want to be worried to take the garbage out and getting attacked by the neighbors’ dog. I mean who wants that? Nobody,” said Motter.

Chief Speer said if the dogs hurt or kill another animal again or a person, they can take the dogs away.

Channel 11 went to the owner’s home Friday, no one answered the door.

About two months ago, Chief Speer said they charged Redfern with a summary offense for the dogs running at large. Then Friday, police gave the owner a citation because the dogs were running loose Friday morning.

“How many incidents does it take?” said Bertko. “What would it take for them to do anything about it like a child or person getting seriously injured?”

The chief said he is speaking with the Beaver County District Attorney about possibly upgrading the charges since Willie died. Police also filed a dangerous dog claim with the state.

Chief Speer said the dog warden is involved in this case. The state’s Department of Agriculture said they are aware of the incident.

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