Electricity costs to rise in June, West Penn Power customers to see 20.7% increase

PITTSBURGH — You can now add electricity to what feels like a growing list of consumer goods rising in price, thanks to inflation.

“Everything is going up and there’s no extra coming in,” Rebecca Seckman tells Channel 11.

Starting June 1, the average cost of a kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity, which is how your electric bill is calculated, is going up. By how much? That depends on your provider.

“For the cost for families on a monthly basis, it’s something to definitely be troubled with,” a Ross Township man tells Channel 11 News.

Duquesne Light customers will see a 1.8% increase in the cost of a kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity; but, if you’re a West Penn Power customer, the hike is 20.7% per kilowatt hour.

“That’s a lot, that’s a lot for people, especially elderly people,” Seckman added.

Channel 11 crunched the numbers and found that the average electric usage in Allegheny County is about 1,168 kilowatt hours per month. Once the hike takes effect next Thursday, if you have Duquesne Light, the average bill will rise by roughly $2.30 a month, or $28 a year. If you have West Penn Power, the average bill will go up by $19.87 a month, which comes out to more than $238 a year.

“You definitely see the costs on a monthly or weekly basis or even daily basis on prices across the board,” one man tells Channel 11.  “From regular commodities to electric.”

For families already just trying to make ends meet, it’s an even bigger blow, especially with electricity usage soaring in the summer months with July being the peak.

“Hopefully the economy will rebound, and we’ll figure it out from there,” a Ross Township resident said.

While you can’t control the price hikes - you can reduce electric usage by:

- Maintaining your AC unit

- Making sure your windows are sealed

- Using energy-efficient lightbulbs

- Finding shade from curtains and landscaping

Consumers can use the Public Utility Commission’s electric shopping website: Papowerswitch.com to compare other offers from energy suppliers which may save you some money.

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