Fourth firearm in 5 days found at Pittsburgh International Airport

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh International Airport TSA workers confiscated a record four guns in the last five days. A California man was arrested for bringing a loaded gun yesterday, saying it belonged to his brother.

“The most common excuse is ‘I forgot I had my gun with me,’” said Lisa Farbstein with TSA. “They certainly know where their iPhone is, keys, wallet, but for some reason they don’t know where that deadly weapon is. This is extremely concerning, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

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Farbstein says they are arresting passengers and handing down federal fines that can cost up to $14,000.

Vietnam veteran Daniel Douglas was at Pittsburgh International today to pick up a relative. He told Cara Sapida he is a proud gun owner, but would never bring one to the airport.

“You’re not supposed to bring them to the airport. I’m a very firm Second Amendment supporter, but you got to be smart about it.”

TSA officials want to remind passengers that you can bring a gun if it’s packed in a hardback case, in checked luggage and unloaded.

Officials say there were 6,000 guns confiscated nationwide last year, and this year they are on pace to surpass it.

The incidents do not appear to be related.

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