Gaping sinkhole swallowing street in Pittsburgh neighborhood for months, neighbors say

PITTSBURGH — A gaping sinkhole has been growing for months, swallowing a Pittsburgh street and causing mounting concerns for residents.

“How much longer is this going to go on? There has not been any work done on this hole for weeks now,” said neighbor Kipp Dawson.

Another neighbor on East End Avenue in Regent Square contacted Channel 11 for help and attention, fearing for the safety of pedestrians.

“We are facing Halloween, which is a big deal in our neighborhood,” Dawson said. “We love to host the kids who come, but of course we don’t want them here now, this is a dangerous place.”

The enormous hole is surrounded by fencing and barricades, but continues to grow closer to homes. It currently spans from sidewalk to sidewalk, which forced the city to close the road.

However, the city apparently is not responsible for the repairs. A Pittsburgh spokesperson told Channel 11 that the matter all began as a private sewage problem with a private contractor.

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“Any connection between your home and the main sewer line, we have all learned, is the responsibility of the homeowner,” Dawson said, explaining that four of her neighbors are liable for the costly repairs.

“Our hearts are with our neighbors and what they’re going through,” she said. Dawson and several others have contacted their elected leaders to see if anything can be done to help.

They worry about the problems that could arise if the hole isn’t fixed soon.

Dawson cited erosion as a concern and told Channel 11 that the gas company has had to come out twice recently for gas leaks “right around the edge of that hole.” She also worries about pipes freezing during the wintertime if the hole remains.

Wildlife, too, has been impacted, with a deer recently getting stuck in the massive pit.

“The City of Pittsburgh, under our current leadership, seems to be taking this seriously,” Dawson said. “And it would not hurt for more people to contact them and just make them know that it’s an issue for them, too, especially people who pay taxes in this city.”

Channel 11 visited each of the homes in which the owners are reportedly responsible for the repairs, but no one came to the doors to comment.

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