Grandmother upset after grandson, students with special needs singled out in yearbook

A Tennessee woman was upset to find that her grandson's yearbook photo, as well as those of other students with special needs, was placed near the back of the book -- in what appears to be a "short bus."

Kay Goss was shocked by what she saw and hurt by how her grandson, Joe, was treated.

"That's not like a regular bus, that's a special ed bus. It hurt me, and it hurts Joe," she told WTVF in Nashville. "I just don't understand how they single out these children."

Goss said her grandson has gone to Ashland City Elementary for years, and she never saw him separated from other students.

"He said, 'Mama, I don't understand why they done that.' I said, 'Honey, I don't either.'"

When Goss called the school's principal, she was told that it was the publisher.

A school district spokesman told WTVF that the district "is diligently working to break down silos that would potentially separate students from each other and focusing on a culture of all-inclusion."

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