Health Department examining jar of salsa that allegedly contained glass from South Side store

PITTSBURGH — The Allegheny County Health Department says it’s looking into a claim that someone purchased a jar of salsa at a local store that was full of glass.

The Tostitos salsa was purchased at the Rite Aid on East Carson Street in South Side Works. The customer claims they ate the salsa which was full of glass that they consumed. That person was reportedly hospitalized.

The Allegheny County Health Department say that specific jar was handed over to them for testing and out of an abundance of caution, they suggested the store pull remaining Tostitos jars of salsa from shelves. The Health Department added that it does not issue recalls. There is currently no recall by either the FDA or the manufacturer.

Customers who shop at the Rite Aid on East Carson say they were surprised to hear the claim. They also had a lot of questions which Channel 11 is working to answer.

“I hope it’s not true, that would be scary if it was,” Casey Poretti tells Channel 11 News. “I’ve bought salsa before, and I would never think it would be full of glass.”

“I’ll be curious to see what happens afterwards,” Sam Vahue added.

Rite Aid says they pulled any remaining jars of Tostitos chunky salsa off the shelves at this particular location. The spot on the shelf where that salsa is usually stocked, is now bare.

Rite Aid also added: “We have not received any additional reports of this nature. We respectfully defer to Tostitos for comment about their products and packaging.”

We also reached out to Frito-Lay, which owns Tostitos. Our request for a comment was not returned.

Channel 11 News will stay in touch with the Health Department and let you know the results of its investigation once complete.

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