State police trying to find out if high-speed chase is connected to bizarre burglary

WASHINGTON, CO. — Cellphone video shows the immediate aftermath of a chase and crash that ended in Bentleyville.

In the video, you can see an SUV at the bottom of a hill off Main Street.

The chase started on I-70, then the suspect’s car crashed into a vehicle, which hit a utility pole near the Bentleyville exit, then hit a parked car, knocking it over the hill.

“Hands down, it was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life,” said Angela, who was hit by the wanted driver.

Angela was taken to Mercy Hospital, luckily with no serious injuries.

“He came tearing through, trying to pass, hit my driver’s side door at 90 miles per hour, lost control - and threw me into the telephone poll,” said Angela.

However, her vehicle, which she uses for work, is destroyed.

State police troopers are trying to find out if the driver is connected to a bizarre break-in that happened a few streets over.

“Roughly for two hours, this individual was in the homeowner’s residence without the homeowner being there,” said Trooper Robert Broadwater.

Earlier in the day, investigators said a man kicked in the door to a house and stayed for two hours.

“While he was in that residence, he made himself right at home. He changed into the homeowner’s clothing, ate some of his food, relieved himself in the restroom and spit his chewing tobacco in the sink,” Broadwater said.

The homeowner eventually came back, and saw that his house had been broken into.

“From what I understand, he was rather shocked. The homeowner came home and saw the door was open and went back to his vehicle, and that’s when the suspect came running out of the front door,” Broadwater said.

After the suspect ran from the home, later in the afternoon, the chase and crash happened.

“The pursuit and the crash were in this same vicinity, and we have this burglary where the gentleman was in there for two hours, so they are trying to link it and relate them, but no evidence that says so in this point in time,” Broadwater said.

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