• Ice jam on Allegheny River prompts flood warning (PICTURES & VIDEO)


    PARKER, Pa. - Authorities in western Pennsylvania have issued a flood warning for the Allegheny River in Armstrong and Clarion counties due to an ice jam that is causing minor flooding in Parker.

    The warning is in effect until 7 a.m. Thursday.

    The National Weather Service said the ice jam is creating a backflow of water into the town of Parker. State Route 268, also called the Kittanning Pike, is flooded from Parker to Foxburg.

    Residents in Parker told Channel 11’s Vince Sims (@VinceWPXI) that they’re concerned their community could be in trouble when the ice jams break apart.

    “It’s crazy how much ice there is,” Mary Sigworth said.

    Two people were rescued in Parker early Sunday because the water was getting too close to the structure where they lived.

    “I just came through Foxburg and it’s flowing so nice. Then you come up here and it’s just wow,” Bonnie While said.

    Township officials told Sims they’re keeping an eye on how close the ice jam is getting to their water and sewer pumps along the river. If they get damaged, all of Parker could be affected.

    “Our major concern is making sure we keep water flowing to the water plant. The Fire Department doesn't have a real big role in that but we will assist the water authority if they request it,” Assistant Fire Chief Ed Whyte said. "The communities north in Venango County, they have ice up there they are keeping an eye on.  If it should break loose and come down, they will let us know right away.”

    At this point, residents are hoping for a slow thaw.

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