Jake Corman drops out of race for governor, endorses Lou Barletta

HARRISBURG. Pa. — Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Jake Corman is dropping out of the race for governor.

Corman announced on Thursday that he would be endorsing Lou Barletta as the Republican candidate for governor.

“The time has come for me to show leadership and support — someone who can win in November and that’s my friend, Lou Barletta,” said Corman. “I hope my fellow candidates will join me.”

Corman hopes that his endorsement will be for the benefit of the Republican party and will drive them towards success in Pennsylvania.

“Lou Barletta is a hardworking former mayor and congressman who supports the ‘America First’ Agenda. He’s a tough, experienced and principled leader who can win in the fall. As Senate president pro tempore and a leader of our party, I believe it’s my duty to put the Republican Party first. There’s a tremendous opportunity to do something that we’ve only done once in the last two decades — elect a Republican as governor of Pennsylvania,” said Corman.

Corman said that the run for governor has proven to be a pleasant experience for him.

“Campaigning for governor has been a tremendous honor. It’s been a true joy getting to meet and talk with so many good people –– good Pennsylvanians,” said Corman.