John Fetterman talks stroke recovery, debate possibilities and status of Oz campaign

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — The race to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate is still within five points.

A recent poll from Susquehanna Polling and Research shows John Fetterman at 49% and Dr. Mehmet Oz at 44%.

With just over two months to the election, we are seeing more and more of those candidates.

Fetterman sat down with MSNBC in his first national TV interview since his stroke.

Fetterman sat next to his wife at their home in Allegheny County and spoke with MSNBC over Zoom.

Regarding his stroke recovery, Fetterman said he is getting better every day. Fetterman accused the Oz campaign of continuing to make fun of the health scare that almost claimed his life after an Oz spokesperson said last month that Fetterman would not have had a stroke if he “had eaten vegetables.” Fetterman said he is on his way to a full recovery.

Fetterman also said he has been denying debates with Oz because he feels his opponent’s campaign is in shambles, meaning the debate would not be serious or successful.

“When they want to get into a serious conversation and really talk about having a debate, I’d be happy to engage in that, but right now, the fact that they have chosen to have a deeply unserious campaign just to ridicule somebody that is recovering from a stroke,” said Fetterman.

The Oz campaign fired back, saying Fetterman is healthy enough to do a TV interview and attend a fundraiser at the Hampton’s, so he should be able to debate.

Oz’s team said, “John Fetterman continues to insult the intelligence of Pennsylvania voters by not debating Dr. Oz and not answering questions from any scary reporters.”

Fetterman said the approach to the debate from the Oz team seems sad and that they are ignoring the condition of their campaign.

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