Local family accuses teacher of ruining top student’s graduation with social media post

PITTSBURGH — A mother is furious and hurt after a teacher posted a picture of her son to social media with a disparaging caption. She says the educator took what should have been a special day away from her family.

“I’m just disappointed, I’m appalled that he would do something like this,” said Shontae Bell.

Shontae Bell’s son, Dreshawn, had his 8th-grade graduation last week from Pittsburgh Public’s King PreK-8th, a day meant to be special.

“I told him from day one, if you do a good job and you go above and beyond, I will do whatever you want for graduation for promotion. I will make that happen,” said Bell.

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Dreshawn accepted his mom’s challenge and finished middle school at the top of his class, receiving scholastic awards and an invitation to a luncheon with the principal.

“He struggled throughout middle school with online learning and everything, but he really came back this year and excelled,” said Bell.

Mom kept her end of the bargain; she rented a limo and went all out for his graduation. But their special day turned ugly when Bell saw her son posted on the internet.

“A few people sent it to me and asked, ‘what’s going on?’ I saw this man who’s a teacher posted a picture about Dreshawn claiming he didn’t graduate,” explained Bell.

A Pittsburgh Public Schools teacher at a different school had taken a photo of Bell and her son, and posted it to Facebook with the caption, “He didn’t even graduate.”

“To sneak and take a picture of me and my child to make a mockery of him and make fun of his accomplishments, I was completely offended,” said Bell.

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Bell was confused because the person had never taught her son.

She says what hurts the most is her child won’t get that special day back.

“I want them out. I want him fired,” said Bell.

PPS released a statement to Channel 11 News, saying that this was a personal matter and would not release any details.

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