Local former dentist dies in police custody in Center Township

CENTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A well-known former dentist in Beaver County shot and killed himself after being taken into custody by Center Township police.

Former patients of Arpad Sooky were shocked to hear what led up to his death, and have a lot of questions as to how and why he had a gun in the police cruiser. 

“He was a very nice man. He had a good practice. There are still patients that ask about him,” a woman who wanted to remain anonymous told Channel 11. 

“I didn’t believe it. He didn’t have any kind of mean or aggressive-type thing. He seemed very easygoing,” said former patient Allan Knapp. 

The shooting happened Friday afternoon on Brodhead Road in Center Township after police served a warrant at the home of Sooky, who was not allowed to have guns.

Police said they seized more than 100 items, including assault rifles and 3D printing materials suspected to be used in the production of ghost guns. 

After that initial warrant was served, Sooky was taken into custody, then shot himself with what sources tell Channel 11 was his own gun.

Former patients who spoke highly of Sooky want answers from police, while others say it’s hard to say what happened. 

“Doesn’t make sense. Makes no sense at all,” Knapp said. 

“But then again, you don’t know people. The way we knew him was more on a professional level,” someone else told Channel 11. 

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier said state police are in the process of interviewing Center Township police officers to try to figure out exactly how this occurred while in their custody.

The district attorney released a statement saying state police are in the process of conducting a full and fair investigation. 

Channel 11 tried to request a copy of the initial search warrant served at Sooky’s home,  but were told by a district judge it was not permitted to be released.

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