Local high school football team being investigated for hazing allegations

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Pa. — The Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office launched an investigation into the Mohawk School District football team and troubling allegations of hazing. They will be the agency to determine if and when charges are filed.  This news comes two days before the district is set to begin the school year.

Parents tell Channel 11 they got a notification on Thursday, August 18 that there was an incident at school involving the football team.  Parents of football players were told to come pick up their student-athletes by 1:30pm.

Parents say rumors are swirling around town and they want to know the truth about what happened so the appropriate people are held accountable.

“It’s scary and I’d like to know where the supervision was during the time this all went on,” one parent tells Channel 11 anonymously.  “There was a lot of time that went by.”

The Mohawk Area School District sent Channel 11 this statement:

The district has been made aware of allegations involving the high school football team and claims of potential unlawful activity.  In accordance with legal requirements, the appropriate law enforcement authorities were contacted and the district’s administration is conducting an investigation.  Parents of football team members have been notified of the issue and all appropriate steps are being taken to ensure the safety of the district’s students and to investigate the matter thoroughly.

The district said that because this investigation involves minors and student confidentiality, additional details would not be provided while the investigation continues.

The team is scheduled to have a football game on Friday.  The fate of that game and the rest of the season is still up in the air.

“I think it’s sad this has happened and it’s sad for the innocent football players and band members that possibly won’t have a season this year,” another parent added.

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