Man accused of taking pictures up 9-year-old girl’s skirt at Cranberry Walmart appears in court

BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. — The man accused of taking pictures up a little girl’s skirt in the Cranberry Township Walmart appeared in court on Friday.

Channel 11 was there as he faced a judge for the first time.

A Walmart loss prevention worker took to the stand, saying she spotted the suspect sticking a cell phone under a young girl’s skirt in the toy aisle.

She then followed him through the store, calling the police, and even followed him into the parking lot, wanting to make sure he was caught.

Jamie Lopez does not speak any English, he had a translator in court today as prosecutors added another charge against him, invasion of privacy.

Prosecutors shared these photos of Lopez the day police say he allegedly secretly recorded under a 9-year-old girl’s skirt inside the Cranberry Township Walmart.

In court, we learned Walmart does not have a camera directly in the toy aisle where police say the incident happened back on Saturday, May 13.

Prosecutors asked the Walmart loss preventional specialist what drew her attention to Lopez that day. She testified, “The way he had his phone underneath a little girl’s skirt, in the toy department.”

She went on to say the girl was unaware as Lopez was right behind her. She said he didn’t have to crouch down, Lopez, who is a short man, stood while the phone was under her skirt.

Defense attorney Ryan Tutera argued that the sexual abuse of children charge should be dropped, saying the girl was wearing a skort, with shorts under it.

Tutera wouldn’t comment on what was found on Lopez’s phone that day but says he will be questioning methods used by the police to retrieve the phone.

Police arrested Lopez about 1000 feet from the store. The judge held all charges for court today and did not lower the bond.

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