Man assaulted, hospitalized following crash in Pittsburgh’s Hill District

PITTSBURGH — A man was arrested and another man was sent to the hospital following a collision in the Hill District Friday afternoon.

Just before 11:45 a.m., Pittsburgh Police from Zone 2 responded to a collision in the 1600 block of Centre Avenue. Following the collision, the passenger from one vehicle got out and punched the driver of the other vehicle in the head, knocking him unconscious. He was transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

“He just cold-cocked him, knocked him right on the ground,” said Kirt, a witness.

“You could see the blood around his teeth, and he fell back and got a big gash,” said Crawford Square Apartment resident Jennifer Callahan.

Police say the attacker, Daquawn Crosby, took off running but was quickly caught on Wylie Avenue.

According to court documents, in the past, Crosby has faced charges in a series of domestic violence incidents including one in which he punched, scratched and choked his ex-girlfriend.

“The violence in this town has got to stop,” said Callahan.

Meanwhile, directly across the street from Friday afternoon’s crash, Hill District residents tell Channel 11, another accident happened just hours earlier.

“There was this car right in front of my window,” said resident Linda Sullivan. “Said that she lost her brakes. But I heard the crashing and all this, because it must have been so fast, because she broke down that podium that was there full of bricks.”

Crawford Square neighborhood residents say drivers rarely follow the 25-mph speed limit.

“They fly either up this street or Centre and they will do 50 to 60 mph. And they do it every day,” said Kirt.

Some in the neighborhood are now calling for more speeding enforcement and a crossing guard for children.

“This is not a speedway, and you know there are kids here. Just slow down,” said Sullivan.