Man facing minimal charges after touching woman at White Oak gym

WHITE OAK, Pa. — A White Oak woman said she was wrapping up her workout at the gym when she felt a man rub against her backside with his genitals. In shock, she gave the police a detailed report, but now said she is disappointed with the minor charges filed.

“This is one of the main reasons women don’t say anything in the first place,” said Mataya Hoskey.

Hoskey said she’d been going to Anytime Fitness in White Oak for about two years, and never had any issues, until she says this happened:

“I felt something rub up against me on my backside,” said Hoskey.

On March 19, Hoskey said she had just wrapped up her workout when a man approached her from behind and rubbed his genitals on her behind.

“He smiled and giggled and walked away, but I knew something didn’t feel right,” said Hoskey.

Hoskey said that’s when another gym member came up to her and asked if she was OK, and then offered to go to the police with her.

“I reported it to the police at the gas station down the street like I was supposed to,” said Hoskey.

The White Oak police report confirmed Terry Marks is facing a summary citation for harassment — the most minor type of offense in Pennsylvania.

“Honestly, I’m very upset with the charges that are pressed against him because they’re minor. It’s a citation, so I’m not happy about that. I don’t feel safe,” said Hoskey.

Now, White Oak Anytime Fitness told Channel 11 they have banned Marks from the gym and shared their surveillance footage with police.

“Honestly now, I always have something over my waist because of that,” said Hoskey.

Hoskey said she is grateful Marks was banned, but said she still feels uneasy knowing there isn’t a harsher penalty.

“I mean, we should not feel unsafe at our local gym. That is not OK,” said Hoskey.