Son of former Steeler allegedly hurt officer during arrest in Giant Eagle parking lot, had fentanyl

LIGONIER, Pa. — A pretty substantial drug bust in Westmoreland County netted 160 grams of raw fentanyl and the arrest of a suspected dealer.

Investigators arrested Cortez Haselrig, of Johnstown, Tuesday night.

Police said he is a heavy supplier of raw fentanyl in Westmoreland County.

He was found with the potent drug and arrested Tuesday night in the Giant Eagle parking lot in Ligonier, just a half hour after the store closed.

”This is one step farther to get our kids safe, and I am really glad they caught him,” Donna Hudec said.

Investigators said a confidential informant told them Haselrig would be bringing 50 grams of raw fenantyl to the Greensburg Ligonier area, enough for 2,500 individual packets.

Haselrig is the son of former Steeler Carlton Haselrig, who was from Johnstown and played for the Steelers for four seasons in the 90s.

Police said Haselrig fought with officers when they were trying to arrest him, and hurt a Ligonier Valley officer in the process.

A search of his house in Johnstown turned up another 110 grams of raw fentanyl.

In total, investigators said it has a street value of about $90,000.Folks we talked to said they’re surprised the arrest happened in Ligonier, but aren’t entirely surprised by what they found.”(I)t’s all over the place and I’m glad they did catch somebody and with that amount, to help our society. It’s all over,” Hudec said.

That officer is doing okay; he had an injury to his hand.

Haselrig is in the Westmoreland County Jail on $500,000 bail.

He is due in court next week.