Mechanics facing charges after being accused of intentionally damaging customer’s car

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — Two mechanics are facing charges after being accused of intentionally damaging parts to at least one victim’s vehicle while working at the #1 Cochran dealership in Monroeville.

“You’re not going to drive that with that amount of damage,” Trooper Rocco Gagliardi said.

State police are putting out a warning after their vehicle fraud investigation unit discovered two mechanics at #1 Cochran in Monroeville allegedly tampered with a customer’s brake pads on purpose.

“At that point, it was determined that a flathead screwdriver was placed in between the brake pads to cause separation. Both mechanics did relate they put the screwdriver in there, and one even used a hammer to cause even further separation,” Gagliardi said.

Aaron Eager and Jacob Ciarkowski are facing summary charges for criminal mischief and unlawful activities.

“The mechanics did relay to our investigators that everything they did was on their own accord,” Gagliardi said.

The victim in this case said this is a betrayal of trust. He told Channel 11 that he spoke to the service manager after the initial incident and was told that the manager would personally inspect the braking system with his staff present and discuss the mistake to ensure this never happens again.

It’s unclear how long those mechanics have worked at the Hyundai dealership, but investigators still cannot figure out what they had to gain from intentionally causing damage.

“It’s not like it’s a private garage and you can buy and sell your own parts. It’s a dealership garage. I don’t have that answer for you,” Gagliardi said.

We reached out to the dealership. In a statement, they said, “Our set of facts is different than those expressed at the press conference. Multiple people looked at the brake pads, and everyone agreed they did not pass inspection. It is our assessment that no one at #1 Cochran forcefully separated the pads or in anyway damaged them. That’s not how we operate or conduct business, and there would’ve been no benefit to the technicians to operate that way.”

Troopers are telling drivers to do your research and make sure you trust your mechanic doing the work.

Both suspects have the same attorney. Channel 11 reached out to him but did not hear back.

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