• Mother: Son severely injured in dog attack at uncle's Donora home


    DONORA, Pa. - A Donora mother said her son was severely hurt in a dog attack at the boy's uncle's house on Monday.

    Braeden Fincik, 11, suffered wounds all over his body in the attack and had to undergo surgery, his mother told Channel 11's Vince Sims on Friday.

    Deanna Bundy said the boy's uncle has since taken off with the three dogs involved.

    "Now, all of a sudden, he is nowhere to be found, and his dogs are nowhere to be found," Bundy said.

    Bundy said her son was playing video games with his uncle when something startled one of the dogs, and it began attacking.

    "I was playing Xbox and got excited. It must have scared one of the dogs," Braeden said. "They jumped on me and started biting me on my head, arms and all over my legs. The dog was yanking on my arm."

    Braeden said his uncle's pit bull named Carter bit him on the head, then another pit bull, named Rocco, began biting his legs, stomach and back at the same time. His uncle's girlfriend's dog then joined in on the attack, he said.

    Eventually, Braeden said, his uncle and his girlfriend were able to pull the dogs off of him. He said his uncle wrapped him in a blanket and instructed him on what to tell police. Braeden said his uncle then walked over to a neighbor's house to ask for a ride to the hospital.

    Bundy is asking the boy's uncle to come forward.

    "He can't even start school in two weeks. He'll probably have to go to cyberschool because he has to go to therapy three times per week," Bundy said.

    Braeden will have to go through physical therapy and a series of rabies shots. He has 13 staples in his head, stitches in both arms and bite marks all over his body.

    "I can't eat, sleep or do anything. I think it's a shame," Braeden's grandmother, Linda Bundy, said. "I don't think I'll get over this in a long time, seeing someone like that."

    Donora police have not said if any charges will be filed or who they might be filed against.

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