Mount Lebanon making changes to snow removal plans after snowstorm hit neighborhood

MOUNT LEBANON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — You might remember how snowy Beverly Road was in Mount Lebanon Township last week, it was covered in snow and ice, and cars were abandoned along the curb.

“It was a mess, I’ve been in Mount Lebanon for a number of years and have never had an issue like that,” said Brian Sarkiss, who was one of several people who got stuck driving in Mount Lebanon the last time it snowed.

Since last week, 11 News has been pressing the township about their plan to ensure this won’t happen again. A spokesperson told us over the phone today that crews will be called out an hour before the storm starts, rather than hitting the streets when the snow starts falling.

The township has nine crews to cover six square miles. Their first priority is near the hospital, roads like Bower Hill, Washington, and Beverly.

Kristi Lloyd was also out that night, and she thinks the new plan is a start.

“I would like that, it’s always scary when it snows and you gotta drive,” Lloyd said.

Channel 11 has asked the township to do an interview with us for the last two days to explain their process to make sure we don’t have another mess. We were told no one was available.

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