2 Duquesne Light employees shocked by power line in McCandless, hundreds of homes out of power

MCCANDLESS, Pa. — Two Duquesne Light workers were shocked by a power line while trying to replace a utility pole, according to McCandless Township officials.

They were rushed to area hospitals for treatment where their conditions are not known at this time.

Channel 11 has learned that neighbors jumped into action and helped perform life-saving measures.

PHOTOS: Hundreds of homes without power in McCandless area, Duquesne Light crews on scene

“Probably about a quarter to 12 the power went off. Just a sudden BOOM!” Jim Vent of McCandless said.

At that moment, retired dentist Jim Vent and many of his neighbors who were working from home knew something was seriously wrong in their typically quiet McCandless neighborhood.

“Ran outside and saw that there was something going on and the lady a couple doors down who’s a nurse—she was issuing cpr,” said Vent.

Within minutes, McCandless Police, medics and additional Duquesne Light trucks surrounded Brandywine Drive.

McCandless Township officials confirm that two Duquesne Light workers were shocked by a power line while they were installing a utility pole along Brandywine Drive.

Vent says the site was surreal, but he was ready to help perform CPR as well.

“He was just unconscious and, on the ground, and the nice nurse neighbor was hard at work on him.”

Vent says he also watched McCandless Police use a defibrillator on one of the Duquesne Light workers.

Both were rushed to area hospitals for treatment.

Vent says it was extremely emotional for other employees and neighbors who came to show their support.

“We’re just hoping and praying that he’s gonna survive,” said Vent.

Power has been restored to the neighborhood where the incident occurred.

However, hundreds in McCandless were without power as of 3 p.m. Wednesday.

11 News reached out to Duquesne Light about the incident. They issued the following statement:

“Earlier today, two Duquesne Light Company (DLC) lineworkers working along Brandywine Drive in McCandless Township were injured while performing work on a utility pole. Both employees were transported to local hospitals, and we’re continuing to monitor their conditions.

The safety of our employees, contractors and the public is always our top priority at DLC. An investigation into the cause of the incident is underway. Our thoughts go out to these employees, their families and their colleagues.

Approximately 30 customers are currently without power in that area as a result of the incident. We are working to safely restore service to those affected customers as quickly as possible.”

As of Thursday, the Duquesne Light employees that were injured in McCandless are still in the hospital, and are said to be in stable condition.

Duquesne Light is still investigating the cause of the incident.