No criminal charges expected after group of children allegedly ransack Fayette County home

A Fayette County man came home Wednesday to find his Masontown house ransacked, windows broken and a complete mess inside — allegedly at the hands of several children.

”My side door was open to my house and came up on the porch and found a big pile of all my food, everything,” Justin Fenton said.

Windows were shattered, his trampoline was destroyed, food was thrown into piles on the floor and furniture was flipped.

“[It was] like a tornado went through. I had a change jar, they threw it everywhere. They took Desitin, Bengay … smeared it all over the floor, the bed,” Fenton described.

“I said should I go in, and they didn’t even want me to go in, that’s how bad it was,” Pamela Fenton said. She said the alleged burglars were still inside the house.

”I realized they was still here. They were upstairs. I heard voices,” Pamela Fenton said.

Those intruders: a 10-year-old and two 6-year-olds.Justin Fenton called for his neighbor and his relatives rushed to the house, as he called police.

”I still can’t believe to even think they could do that. Like why would kids want to do that?” Pamela Fenton said.

“I was hoping that, at least, something would happen, like have the parents make them come up here and help clean or apologize. I’ve got nothing from the parents at all,” she added.

Pamela Fenton said officers drove the kids home.

Masontown Police told Channel 11 they contacted the district attorney’s office and juvenile probation that night and everything has been turned over to CYS.

While police do not expect anything criminal to come out of this, it remains an open investigation. ”This is showing them, oh since you’re 6, you got off free; you’re showing them they can do it again,” Justin Fenton said.

The Fentons said they would like to see some kind of reimbursement for what was lost, but it’s unclear if that will happen.

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