• #RossMorganRager tweet continues to spread despite party's cancellation


    McCANDLESS, Pa. - A party planned by a North Allegheny student continues to be re-tweeted on the social networking site Twitter even though the party has been cancelled.

    The party listed under the hashtag "RossMorganRager" and has been a trending topic on Twitter all week and seemingly only continues to gain momentum as the day of the party approaches.

    The organizers said the idea began as a joke and they only wanted about 10 kids at Ross's house. Then the hashtag went viral and word about the party spread quickly.

    What began as one tweet has taken a life of its own, and #RossMorganRager now even has its own movie trailer that was posted on YouTube Thursday night.

    Late night talk shows hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel both mentioned the party earlier this week on their shows. North Allegheny students said that's all anyone is talking about in school.

    The kids behind the idea said they feel bad for Ross and his family, but believe the idea brought the school together.

    Suzanne MacGuineas, a Bellevue resident, said she was at a local grocery store Thursday night and everyone was talking about the “Ross Morgan Rager.”

    "The two young clerks that work there were talking about it with everyone. Word is definitely spreading," MacGuineas said.

    Students said all teachers read an email in class Thursday saying there was no party and that the police are aware of the rumor.

    Ross's parents are also aware of the rumor and said Ross will be in Ohio this weekend with them. Police said Morgan's parents have hired two off-duty officers to sit outside of their Wexford home while they are out of town.

    Despite reports that Ross will be out of town, Pine Richland High School student Nate Roberts said his friends are still talking about it.

    "All of my friends are making jokes like saying we're going to go," Roberts said.

    Regardless of the party being cancelled, the party rumors still made a frenzy Saturday night when the party was going to take place.

    Several tweets on Twitter mentioned certain addresses as to where the party had moved to.

    After a night of checking numerous locations to see if there was indeed a "Ross Morgan Rager," police said that nothing was discovered overnight.

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