Parents of Taco Bell employee allegedly shot, killed by supervisor speak out

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Carmella Wilson and Richard Carver can only weep for their son Dorian, who they will bury this Saturday.

“It took me three days to bring him into the world. It took only seconds to take him,” Wilson said.

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“I can’t say I love you. He’s gone. I cant say anything. I can’t be with him again,” said Carver.

Thirty-two-year-old Dorian Carver was working at the Taco Bell on Cochran Road when he got into an argument with his manager, 23-year-old Ziryere Simmons, a couple of days before the shooting. The argument was over backed-up drive thru orders.

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“Dorian was asking him to go out and help him get caught up. And he was telling Dorian to do it one way and Dorian was saying I need you to do it this way,” Wilson said.

Dorian was written up.

On the day of the shooting, the two argued again. Then there was a scuffle.

“The manager brought the stolen gun into there. After the altercation, my son walked away. He didn’t want any problems, he walked away,” Wilson said.

But video shows Simmons followed, and, according to police, shot Dorian at a nearby business, Northwestern Mutual, where Dorian had gone to use the phone.

Dorian’s family questions how Simmons, who had a previous arrest that includes endangering the welfare of children, could have even been hired as manager.

“Last time I checked, you are not supposed to pack a gun in your lunch pail,” Carver said.

“This can happen to anybody and establishments need to do better for employees,” Wilson pleaded. “They need to do better for them to protect the employees. We can’t send our teenagers to these type of establishments to work and then be afraid that their manager is going to shoot them and kill them.”

11 News did reach out to Taco Bell. They gave us a statement, saying the following:

“We are shocked and saddened to hear that this happened. We understand that the franchise owner and operator of this location is working with the local authorities in their investigation. Our thoughts are with the affected family of the team member in this difficult time.”

A GoFundMe has been organized for Dorian’s funeral expenses. Click here to donate.

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