PennDOT worker injured after being hit by alleged drunk driver in McKeesport

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — A PennDOT employee is in the hospital, and has been in and out of surgeries for the last few days.

“It was gut-wrenching. It was horrific,” District 11 Assistant District Executive of Construction Jason Zang told Channel 11.

Zang was describing the alleged drunk-driving crash that left one of his PennDOT employees in the hospital with a broken leg and broken hip.

“She didn’t even really know what happened. She blacked out. She got dragged, completely mowed down, and dragged by the car,” Zang said.

The woman was one of 15 PennDOT employees and contractors who were working on the Jerome Street Bridge early Sunday morning.

Police say Harry Hobson was driving, crossed the traffic cones, and hit the PennDOT worker in the other lane.

She was dragged 30 feet down the bridge.

“It’s incredibly sad. It’s disheartening, heartbreaking. This is someone we work with and care about. She’s part of our family,” Zang added.

When police got to the scene, officers say Hobson admitted to having an alcoholic slushie, which they saw almost empty in his car. Police also say marijuana was in the car.

According to Zang, PennDOT is stopping work for the week, and is considering closing down the bridge for good until the project is complete.

“A lot of the people on the crew don’t know if they want to come back. I think what they witnessed was entirely horrific, and they’re traumatized,” he said.

Hobson is facing a number of charges, including 15 counts of recklessly endangering another person, because there were 15 people on the bridge.