Pitt to begin spring semester online in response to omicron variant

PITTSBURGH — The University of Pittsburgh will begin the spring semester with two and a half weeks of remote learning due to the spread of omicron cases in the area.

The university says that this change will allow for testing and shelter in place upon arrival back to campus. Classes will still begin on Jan. 10.

Exceptions to remote learning may be made by the dean for programs and classes that need to meet in person. According to the university, if the dean approves an in-person class during the remote period, vaccinated students may attend as long as they are not symptomatic or COVID positive. Unvaccinated students will need to have an approved exemption and be compliant with the weekly testing process in order to have access to the university.

In a letter to faculty and students, Provost Ann Cudd said that classes will return to fully in person learning on Jan. 27.

“As we continue to monitor the spread of the new variant and its severity in our community, we will remain vigilant and adjust plans when necessary for the safety and health of our campuses,” Provost Cudd explained in the letter. “Your resilience and dedication to our mission over the past 22 months has been extraordinary, and I am once again calling on you for your continued flexibility and understanding.”

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