Pitt student wins a year of free apartment housing after making amazing basketball shot

PITTSBURGH — Tuesday night at the Petersen Events Center featured one of the wildest shots you may have ever seen. But it was not a shot from a Pitt or a Boston College basketball player. It was a shot from Richie Ferris, a shot that won the Spot Shot Challenge.

“I suck at basketball too,” laughed Ferris.

Yet Tuesday night, the Pitt junior drained a three-quarter shot to win the Spot Shot Challenge.

“When I let I go, I actually did think I air-balled it,” said Ferris.

What is the Spot Shot Challenge? At halftime of the Pitt basketball game, a member of the Oakland Zoo picks any spot on the court and has to make a basket on both ends, from that very spot. The prize? A free one-year lease in an apartment downtown. Ferris’ strategy?

“I’m comfortable with shooting 3′s, I can make 3′s.” said Ferris. “Then, I know I can get it down the rest of the way so I just have to put a good throw up.”

After banking in his first shot, the junior turned around for the second.

“I play baseball,” said Feris. “I was like alright, I’m an outfielder. I’m used to making throws like that so I just chucked it up and hoped it went in.”

The crowd, and the Oakland Zoo went nuts.

“It was pretty cool just to have everybody cheering for me,” said Ferris. “It was pretty awesome.”

And get this: Ferris wasn’t even supposed to be at the game

“It’s funny because we were supposed to have baseball practice last night, and they canceled it,” said Ferris. “I ended up going to the game and making both shots so it shouldn’t have even happened to be honest.”

Now, he’s a viral sensation

“I didn’t realize it was going to be that viral until I got back to my phone in my seat with like 10 minutes left in the 2nd half,” said Ferris. “My phone almost crashed.”

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