Pittsburgh chef gaining popularity for pasta creation on TikTok

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh chef has skyrocketed to social media fame, after his videos popping eggs to make noodles went viral.

“It was a 12 second clip of me popping egg yolks,” Ryan Peters said.

Peters said he posted the video casually before bed one night and woke up to 12 million views. He went from 300,000 followers to one million.

“Why do you think people want to watch you poke eggs open?,” Cara Sapida asked.

“I wish I knew! I think for a lot of people... it’s satisfying content... both the egg video and the pasta out of the machine videos.”

Peters started his career in fine dining and was still working as a full-time chef when his social media career took off. He now shoots his videos from his Pittsburgh home, where he has set up a kitchen.

He goes through giant vats of flour and hundreds of eggs each week, making homemade pasta and viral videos.

He also travels across the country, showing you can make homemade noodles anywhere, like stadiums.

This December, Peters hit three million followers on TikTok, with views now in the billions. He has fans in every corner of the world.

“Every culture has some relationship with pasta noodles. It really is the ultimate connector,” Peters said.

Peters told us he’s still surprised by his social media success. He no longer works in a restaurant and is full-time content creating. He credits getting on TikTok early, taking a risk and following his passion

“Sometimes the response I get is not always great. The internet is a scary place, but believe in yourself and what you’re doing, if you’re passionate about it usually people will gravitate toward that.”

Peters hopes to have his own pasta in grocery stores by the end of 2023, and soon he will start making sauces on TikTok. He says he has no plans to go on any Food Network shows right now, even though they’ve asked, and during the interview Channel 11′s Cara Sapida pressured him to go on Chopped.

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