Pittsburgh organization stepping up to help families find formula

PITTSBURGH — As you can imagine, it’s been incredibly difficult for families to find baby formula. An organization in Pittsburgh is stepping up to help.

Channel 11 was there Friday as cans and cans of baby formula were being loaded up to then be distributed across our area.

Allegheny County Medical Society got in touch with a Food and Drug Administration distributor that sent this large shipment of about 1,200 containers of baby formula.

The executive director is the mother of a 7-month-old baby, so she knows the struggle.

“I know what it’s been like firsthand to walk into a grocery store and see absolutely no formula on the shelves,” said Sara Hussey, the ACMS executive director.

ACMS has donated the cans to some area organizations to get them into the hands of families in need, including Beverly’s Babies.

It’s helping to launch formula banks next week at the McKeesport and Homewood centers.

“It’s a free service. It will be available to anyone in need. Obviously there are a lot of families in need right now. We are able to support a family from the date of the first service for the next 12 months. You’ll get 12 cans,” said Megs Yunn, the founder of Beverly’s Babies.

The banks will have other kinds of formula too. Another organization, Every Child Inc., is giving the cans to area foster families in need.

“We will be distributing this over the weekend to our foster families who currently have infants and holding on to some as we get some emergency placements. We have some supply over the next couple of months,” said Laura Maines, CEO of Every Child Inc.

Beverly’s Babies said if you have a particular question about a formula, to ask their organization. Information is available at beverlysbirthdays.org.

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