Pittsburgh Public Schools announce new protocol for buildings without air conditioning

PITTSBURGH — The warmer weather definitely makes it feel like summer. But if you’re a student at Pittsburgh Public Schools, there are about two weeks left on the calendar.

The temperature is expected to climb close to the 90s this week, so PPS has a plan for 41 buildings that have no air conditioning. They may consider remote learning if the classrooms become unbearable for students.

“We are just keeping them in shorts. Making sure they have water,” said parent Alberta Paige.

Recently, two schools, Pittsburgh Obama Elementary and Peabody Early Childhood Center, switched to remote learning because a broken coil caused the A/C to stop working.

It makes taxpayer Byron Zajdel question where his money is going.

“When you look at issues like this, you wonder what they’re spending money on. Do they need to re-allocate funds for their maintenance budget?”’ asked Zajdel.

One parent tells Channel 11 News she received a call from the PPS informing her about how the district is monitoring the heat and heat index, and it may consider remote learning or later start days for students.

Parents who have questions or concerns can call Pittsburgh Public Schools at 412-529-4857.

The message below was sent to all families in the district:

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Exposure to excessive heat can cause heat-related illness. Therefore, when outside temperatures are forecasted for one or more days to exceed 85℉ and/or a heat index of 90℉ or higher according to the National Weather Service, the District will monitor the temperatures inside our buildings that do not have sufficient air conditioning systems to inform decisions to protect the health and safety of students and staff. These decisions may include a temporary shift to remote learning or other actions. The District will decide and communicate as early as possible to minimize last-minute disruptions for students, families, and staff. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please call the parent hotline 412-529-HELP that’s 412-529-4857.

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