Plum girl helps collect bikes, supplies for Braddock bike shop

BRADDOCK, Pa. — A Plum Borough girl rallied together her community to make donations to a Braddock bike shop.

Kadence Simko, 9, wanted to help the Braddock community by providing its members with bicycles and bicycling supplies. With the help of her father, Mark Simko, and the United Steelworkers Union, she collected 75 bikes, 10 scooters and five skateboards. Helmets, pads and parts and tools were also donated.

On Saturday, the items collected were taken to the Red Lantern Bike Shop, a free store.

Mark Simko, a steelworker in Braddock, said, "We helped the free store another time with clothes, and we knew that they had a bike shop and the kids love riding bikes from the first day of the season until the last day of summer. They're out there all day every day, and we just thought, what kid shouldn't have a bike for the summer?"

The bike collection was part of the United Steelworkers Union's Next Generation program.

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