Police believe slashed tires in Koppel connected to previous vandalism

KOPPEL, Pa. — It’s been a chaotic week for some people in Koppel: a joyride through people’s yards, a window shattered at the police department, and now, neighbors woke up to find their tires slashed.

It all started last week when police say a man drove his truck through multiple yards, destroying sheds and fences.

11 News has learned five cars were vandalized in Koppel Borough on May 26 and police said it was caught on camera.

“We do have video surveillance of two individuals walking in front of the residence,” said Chief Justin Warren of the Koppel Borough Police Department. “One bends over on the side of the vehicle around 2:20 a.m. and another one walking past the vehicle around 2:30 a.m.”

The police chief said this happened the same night a man identified as Daniel Hays was caught on camera throwing a lawn ornament through a window at the police station. State police charged and arrested Hays. He’s in the Beaver County Jail, unable to post bail.

The chief believes Hays was retaliating after they arrested him for a hit-and-run days earlier.

Hays was accused of driving his truck through several properties last week, hitting a family’s porch, a fence, a shed, and then speeding off. Police said he was drinking at a local bar beforehand.

The family whose porch was damaged had their tires slashed, too, while they were on vacation.

“It’s overwhelming, I don’t know where to begin,” said Vicki Bryant. “I think it’s the same person. We’ve never, ever had trouble like that ever here. I don’t think it’s someone random.”

Bryant said they know Hays. He’s an acquaintance and her family had no issues with him before all of this.

The chief said the tire slashing could be retaliation, too.

“He could be linked as a suspect but at this time, we don’t have enough to charge him but we are doing an ongoing investigation,” said Chief Warren. At this time, police have not connected Hays or charged him with slashing the car tires.

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