2 people suspected of involvement in funeral shooting arrested after incident on McKees Rocks bridge

PITTSBURGH — Two people that are suspected of being involved in the shooting outside a funeral in Brighton Heights were arrested after an incident on the McKees Rocks Bridge, a law enforcement source tells Channel 11.



Only Channel 11 was there as the two suspects believed to be connected to the shooting were walked into police headquarters on Friday.

Initial reports said a weapon was thrown from a car on the bridge.

The bridge was closed so police could conduct an investigation, but it has since reopened. The suspects were pulled over in a Hyundai Elantra.

In the meantime, Pittsburgh Police believe Friday’s shooting outside of Destiny of Faith Church was the result of an ongoing dispute.

A law enforcement source tells 11 News police have video of multiple people pulling out guns after initial shots were fired.

Mayor Ed Gainey pleaded with the public not to retaliate in response.

“Don’t retaliate, communicate. Don’t go out there and take it upon yourself, because we never get justice that way,” said Gainey.

Channel 11 also spoke with Joseph Glassbrenner of the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation, whose purpose is to promote the advancement of neighborhood improvements and safety in this community.

Glassbrenner says the pastor of the Destiny of Faith Church regularly goes to their meetings, and they meet in the basement of another church just a few blocks from where the shooting happened.

“if it is retaliation, these things strike more fear, because what if there is more retaliation for what happened today? That could be an ongoing process if it isn’t taken care of,” said Glassbrenner.

Although police have yet to release the ages of the suspects, Glassbrenner is demanding future action from elected officials.

“They know and have acknowledged the fact that this violence is being done by teens,” said Glassbrenner. “We have asked for an interest and investment in some of the recreation centers. There is nowhere for the teens to be at nights and summertime.”

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