• Police say selfie helped link man to shooting of Ross Twp. store clerk


    ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Authorities revealed in court Wednesday that a selfie helped them link an accused gunman to the shooting of a store clerk during an attempted robbery in December at a Ross Township store.


    Channel 11 News was inside the courtroom when the prosecutor showed a bathroom selfie of the suspect, George Wilson, allegedly wearing the exact jacket he had on the night he tried to rob The Exchange store and shot 23-year-old Michael Allen.

    Allen also testified for the first time Wednesday.

    "I was unable to open the register, so he shot me in my right shoulder,” he said. “The bullet is within 8 mm of my spine, too close to operate.”

    Allen left court showing no sign of the nearly life-threatening injury that he testified could have left him paralyzed or worse.

    Meanwhile, Mike Worgul, Wilson’s defense attorney, said the commonwealth has the wrong guy.

    “I think there's a lot of issues with the evidence, but you never know what you're going to get in discovery so,” he said.

    All charges against Wilson were held for court.


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