Several officers assaulted after customer refused to leave Robinson Eat’n Park

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — It was anything but smiles at the Eat’n Park in Robinson for breakfast Thursday morning. A customer refused to leave, and it ended with several police officers assaulted.

According to court paperwork, Stephen Foreman was watching a profanity-laced video on his phone. The manager asked him to turn it down because there were families with little kids in the restaurant. Police said that Foreman complied initially, before cranking the volume right back up. Court documents said that when a manager asked him to leave, Foreman refused.

When the police arrived, Foreman was observed to have a bulge in his right front jeans pocket. He placed his hands into his hoodie before running toward the exit, knocking an elderly woman out of the way.

Court paperwork said the altercation spilled out into the parking lot, where Foreman got in his car and almost slammed an officer’s hand as he closed the car’s door. Foremen is then accused of punching two police officers in the face until a Taser was used. Police said a third officer jumped in and shocked Foreman again before he could be arrested.

Police said that the bulge in Foreman’s pocket turned out to be a marijuana grinder.

Foreman was evaluated at a local hospital before being booked in jail.

We reached out to Eat’n Park and went to the restaurant, but did not receive a comment.