Special Elections LATEST: Democrats win control of Pennsylvania House

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Democrats won control of the Pennsylvania House in special elections Tuesday, the Associated Press projected.

Current U.S. House member Summer Lee and Lt. Gov. Austin Davis resigned to move to their new positions, leaving the 34th and 35th districts open. In the 32nd district, Rep. Tony DeLuca died in October but still won his race.

The Associated Press called all three races around 10:30 p.m. with big wins by all three democrats.

Swissvale Councilwoman and attorney Abigail Salisbury won the race for Summer Lee’s old 34th district seat.

“Priority number one for me is infrastructure assistance. My district and the country as a whole has issues and I want to make sure we drive money into our communities [and] fix streets and bridges,” she said.

Joe McAndrew won the race for the 32nd seat.

“My top priority is just to make sure we have resources in the district and make sure we are helping kids get good educations, good after-school programs, make sure people have good transportation to jobs and good paying jobs,” he said.

Matthew Gergely won the race for the 35th seat left vacant by Lt. Gov. Austin Davis. He is a McKeesport City Administrator and was not available following the shooting death of Officer Sean Sluganski.

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