Suspensions considered in Woodland Hills bus fight


ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. – The superintendent of the Woodland Hills School District confirmed Friday that there could be suspensions as a result of a bus fight that was caught on camera.

Juanita Jennings spoke exclusively with Channel 11 Thursday about the school bus brawl that she said left her 14-year-old daughter, Jade Collins, with a mild concussion.

Woodland Hills School District Superintendent Alan Johnson didn’t deny that Wednesday’s fight took place.

"This is not that unusual,” he said. Now, the severity of it, the intensity of it, that was a little unusual.”

Cellphone video of the fight shows Collins being shoved from behind in what her family calls a “deliberate act of bullying” to draw their daughter into the fight.

Johnson told Channel 11that two girls, including Collins, got into a disagreement earlier in the day.

“They were told to refrain from confronting one another, and then it ended up resurfacing on the bus,” he said.

Channel 11 also learned Friday that the student who posted the cellphone video of the fight on social media may be punished.

"I will tell you that we are likely to pursue some disciplinary action with the student who posted this to Facebook," said Johnson.

Jennings said she made the district aware of other students bullying her daughter months ago.

The final decision on discipline for all involved won’t likely be resolved anytime soon.

"We can either do an out-of-school suspension. (Or) we can also do a bus suspension, which would just say you can still come to the school but you’re not allowed to use the school bus,” Johnson said.