Target 11 Exclusive: Pittsburgh firefighter takes near-lethal dose of heroin in firehouse

PITTSBURGH — A City of Pittsburgh firefighter who works at the Engine 37 Firehouse in Manchester was found unconscious and unresponsive in the fire station on the afternoon of Aug. 10.

According to a City of Pittsburgh police report obtained by Target 11, a fellow firefighter discovered him on the floor in the locker room ar the back of the fire station. A needle was near his body. Police suspect he overdosed on heroin.

That fellow firefighter then administered Narcan and revived him.

According to the report, police found a sock and a plastic shopping bag filled with empty stamp bags inside his locker. They also discovered four bundles of heroin labeled “TikTok” and four hypodermic needles.

Both the City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Department and the firefighters’ union declined to comment.

Target 11 spoke with people who live near the fire station and rely on their services. They expressed concern for the firefighter.

“Think about that job. That’s a lot of stress. That’s a lot of stress on a person, and if that’s their way to get through that stress,” said Kirk Owen, a North Side resident.

“I think really the saddest part of that is just what’s the root of the problem and how do we have people in that position getting into that? And it’s got to be even harder to ask for help, when you are the help,” said Katy Mogg, a North Side resident.

Pittsburgh firefighters are subjected to random drug testing every month.

This incident at the Engine 37 Firehouse happened two months ago, and so far no criminal charges have been filed.

We reached out the Allegheny County District Attorney to see what’s taking so long, but we haven’t heard back.

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