• Teacher caught late-night with student resigns days after suspension


    PITTSBURGH - Channel 11’s Alan Jennings has learned that a Pittsburgh-area teacher resigned earlier this year days after she was suspended without pay.

    According to police, the woman was caught in an elementary school parking lot with a male student late at night on Jan. 31.


    “Let me give you some idea how secluded this really is. It’s St. Maurice Church right there and Ardmore Boulevard below. One, two, three levels up here are the dumpsters. This is where the vehicle was found with the teacher and student inside,” Jennings said.

    Investigators told Jennings that the student was adjusting his clothing when an officer tapped on the car window.

    No charges were filed since the student didn’t complain. Jennings learned the woman was a teacher in the Woodland Hills School District.

    Channel 11’s legal analyst Phil DiLucente said it’s mandatory for the school to report an incident such as this.

    “If there is a hint of evidence that in fact there was any type of alleged sexual contact, it must be reported to the authorities. This is a zero-tolerance policy. This is a zero-tolerance law,” DiLucente said.

    Forest Hills police reported the encounter to Churchill police. Churchill police turned it over to county police.

    The Woodland Hills School District, along with its solicitor, refused to talk to Channel 11 about the incident. Officials there only said the teacher resigned days later in February.

    The district wouldn’t say if it contacted the state education or welfare departments as required by law.

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