• Teen, dog hailed as heroes for saving girl, 5, from rabid fox


    WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. - A Washington County teenager and his dog are both being called heroes after they saved a girl from being attacked by a fox over the weekend.


    Madison Hazen, 5, was playing outside when the fox came running into her back yard and suddenly came after her.

    “I was down there, and the fox was coming around. It got my pant leg, and I had to run,” Hazen said.

    Lucky for her, Ricky Howard, 13, and his dog, Domino, were nearby and rushed to help her.

    “I kicked it, and he came out when it jumped here. I ran up and got a shovel and started beating on it,” said Howard.

    Before Howard was able to prevent the fox from attacking again, Domino ran out of his cage and grabbed the animal.

    “(The fox) came around again, and it bit the dog three times before it got me,” Hazen said.

    Hazen ran off to her parents, who said they're thankful Howard and Domino were there to help their daughter.

    “We’re thankful for a neighbor like Ricky and a dog like Domino. She probably wouldn’t still be here. She could have got mauled. We’re thankful, real thankful,” said Jared Hazen, Madison Hazen’s father.

    Days after the incident, the health department said the fox tested positive for rabies.

    Madison Hazen and Howard got multiple rabies shots, and Domino must be quarantined for 90 days. Howard’s family was told the husky may have to be put to sleep. 

    “He’s always been a good dog, always been protective and loves kids. He just did what he would always do,” said Howard.

    Neighbors told Channel 11 that Domino was vaccinated a long time ago but did not get an update.

    Under Pennsylvania law, dogs are required to get a rabies vaccine every three years.

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