Pittsburgh’s Most Wanted: Chris Schrock

PITTSBURGH — Chris Schrock is Pittsburgh’s Most Wanted by the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Fugitive squad. Schrock is wanted for failing to appear at a court hearing on drug, firearm and resisting arrest charges stemming from a traffic stop in McKeesport in 2018.

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According to court documents, obtained by Target 11, Schrock was a no-show at a hearing at the Allegheny County Courthouse in June of 2020, and he’s been on the run ever since.

Earle: Any idea where he may be? And what should people do if they encounter this guy?

Sheriff Kevin Kraus: Not at this time. We don’t know where he is, but if somebody does know where he’s at, we’d ask that they call police or they call our office because we do consider him armed and dangerous.

In fact, in February of 2020, just four months before the hearing Schrock skipped relating to the 2018 charges, two Allegheny County detectives on patrol spotted Schrock at a market in North Braddock and when they approached him, he ran into the store.

The two detectives then cornered him inside this corner store. They pushed him up against the wall, but somehow they say he managed to slip out of his jacket and took off.

Schrock began running down Baldridge Avenue toward Walnut, where a detective caught up to him and tackled him to the ground.

“Once they approached him, he identified them as police, he ran, and they tackled him and they struggled with him and then they were able to recover the drugs and firearm,” said Kraus.

Investigators found 40 stamp bags of fentanyl, 20 marked with a red star and the rest with a pink picture of Minnie Mouse, $240.00 in cash and a stolen handgun on him.

The Sheriff said it was a potentially dangerous encounter avoided, but that’s one of the big reasons he wants to get Schrock off the streets.

“So, they approached him, you know like they would approach anyone else. And for him to turn, run and fight with them while in possession of a firearm shows just how dangerous these situations can escalate,” said Kraus.

Sources tell Target 11 that federal charges will likely be filed in that case when Schrock is apprehended.

And Target 11 discovered he has a lengthy criminal history.

According to court documents, Schrock pleaded guilty in three separate cases involving drug and firearms charges dating back to 2014.

Schrock is known to frequent areas in the Mon Valley from McKeesport to Braddock.

“Our fugitive detectives are investigating the case and hopefully they’ll establish his whereabouts, and hopefully apprehend him without incident,” Kraus said.

This is our second Pittsburgh’s Most Wanted. Our first segment profiling Kevin Crew, aired in December. He was wanted for allegedly shooting his wife as they were driving through downtown Pittsburgh, and then leaving her on the side of the road. Crew was apprehended less than a month after our report.

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