Victims ID'd as Pittsburgh police continue investigating fatal shooting in housing project

PITTSBURGH — Authorities have identified two men shot to death at a Pittsburgh housing project where an automatic alert system summoned police officers to the scene.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office said 21-year-old Tajour Embry and 19-year-old Shaquille Maynor were killed at the Homewood North projects early Monday.


Police spokeswoman Sonya Toler said a ShotSpotter alert brought police to the scene minutes after midnight. The automated system uses audio sensors to detect gunshots.

The victims were found in a common hallway on the first floor of one building of the complex owned by the city's housing authority. No arrests have been reported.


Pittsburgh police are asking anyone who has information to contact them.

"There were no 911 calls about this.  It was strictly a shot spotter notification, so at this point officers are really depending on residents to share with us what they heard, what they saw," Toler said.

Gunfire was also reported on three other nearby streets earlier, but police don't know whether those shootings were related. No victims were found at those scenes.

Neighbors told Channel 11 News gunfire is nothing new in the neighborhood.

"No bullet has a name on it, that's why I try and tell my kids to stay away from windows, stay away from doors," Antoinne Curry said.

Curry says hearing gunshots is all too familiar.

“(My daughter) will come into my room and tell me, ‘Dad, they’re shooting outside,’” Curry said.