Victim’s family unhappy with probation deal for man who snuck into elementary school bathroom

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — “This was not justice. What just happened here was not justice,” Allyson Calloway told Channel 11.

She isn’t satisfied with Brian Mintmier’s plea deal, after he snuck into Ramsey Elementary School’s girls restroom while her daughter was in there.

He pleaded guilty, was sentenced to five years probation and will be go to a treatment center — but doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.

“That bothers me. You know enough to not let him be by schools, you knew enough to restrict his phone, but for you to not have him register as a sex offender, when one of his victims was 14 … you’re not protecting these children,” said Calloway.

Mintmier admitted to sneaking into the restroom and recording another young girl by reaching a cellphone under the bathroom stall.

Mintmier’s attorney, Casey White, blames his actions on his mental health.

“It wasn’t predatory in nature. It was confusion. It was a man not on his medication, sick. He wasn’t preying on people,” said White

The plea happened in Allegheny County’s Mental Health Court, which is specifically for people with mental health disorders.

“The Allegheny County DA’s office took a long look at it. Mental Health Court’s team took a long look at this case, and they realized this was a young man under a lot of confusion and a mental health crisis,” said White.

But Calloway says her daughter didn’t get justice.

“I think this is showing predatory behavior. There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Mintmeier except that he needs to be labeled as a pedophile,” said Calloway.

Mintmier is not allowed to go anywhere near the school and is to have no contact with any of the victims.

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