Westmoreland County man facing charges after allegedly trying to take picture up young woman’s skirt

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. — A Westmoreland County man is accused of trying to take a picture up a young woman’s skirt in North Huntingdon.

Charles Waddell is facing invasion of privacy and several other misdemeanor charges.

“I would say he’s probably done this before, and this is the first time he’s got caught,” Detective Tom Harris said.

In court paperwork, police said Waddell made small talk with the victim in the aisles of the Dollar Tree store on Route 30 before she felt something on the back of her leg.

“She felt something touch the back of her leg, and looked down and saw an individual was using a cellphone and taking a picture up her skirt,” Harris said.

Police said the victim and her mother immediately confronted Waddell.

“She asked him what he was doing. He denied doing (it) and he eventually left the store,” Harris explained.

At the time, police did not know who was behind the camera; they only had a few surveillance pictures of him, and put out a public call for help.

Within an hour, they had tips pointing them to Waddell.

Police said he confessed, but admitted he didn’t get the picture.

Channel 11 tried reaching out to Waddell, but he said he did not want to comment.

He is due in court in August.