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Greensburg couple charged with child endangerment; man wanted, considered armed and dangerous

GREENSBURG, Pa. — A pair of Greensburg parents are accused of leaving their small child home alone with drugs and loaded guns within reach.

Greensburg police say the child’s mother, Shayna Barner, is behind bars, but her father, Patrick Brundidge, is still on the run.

Police were called to their apartment on Eastmont Drive for a welfare check on Wednesday.

Inside, officers found a 3-year-old girl home alone.

“What was found inside the residence, that child could’ve sustained death or serious bodily injury,” said Greensburg Detective Justin Scalzo.

Among those items inside the home, according to Scalzo, were marijuana and other drug paraphernalia in plain view, three guns and between 4,000 and 5,000 rounds of ammunition.

All of the items were within reach of the child.

“One of the firearms was a loaded Glock .45 semiautomatic pistol,” said Scalzo. “It had an extended magazine in it and one in the chamber, so it was ready to fire. All you have to do is pull the trigger. That was found underneath a bedroom pillow where that child could’ve had easy access to it.”

Barner, the girl’s mother, came back to the apartment while police were still there.

“She lied to us at first by saying that there was a babysitter there, which we knew was not the case,” said Scalzo.

Ultimately, Scalzo said Barner admitted to police that the girl was left alone.

He said she also admitted this was not the first time the small child was left at home alone.

“It was very alarming,” said Scalzo.  “I mean, it’s one thing to leave the child unattended, no supervision whatsoever, a 3-year-old can’t take care of themselves. But then to add all these dangerous items to the mix also, we’re very lucky that this child didn’t suffer death or serious bodily injury.”

Barner was arrested and is being held in the Westmoreland County Prison.

According to police, the toddler is safe and is now staying with other family members.

Investigators are still trying to track down Brundidge, the girl’s father.

“There’s an active warrant out for his arrest, so I’m sure he knows we’re looking for him,” said Scalzo.

If you know where Brundidge is, call Greensburg Police at 724-834-3800.

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